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The Future of Digital
Dentistry is now!




The first step of the new generation of dentistry towards Augmented Reality

Taking advantage of the latest Mixed Reality technologies, HoloDentist allows doctors and professionals to recreate the Virtual Patient by combining all the 3D data in a fully 3D environment using holograms and Augmented Reality, with the ability to display, manipulate, share locally or remotely and make realtime videocalls, in a fast, realistic and simple way. 

The application modules


Available for Mixed Reality devices


File types: .obj .stl .ply


To manage and upload 3D models

How it works

With voice commands, gesture recognition and holographic projection, using HoloDentist and Augmented Reality is easy, giving the operator the ability to handle tools while projecting on a virtual layer the patient’s 3D information such as CBCTs, intra-oral scans, face scans, implants, bones, etc. 


Time is essential, and this is why we developed a holographic software with a simple, clean and easy user interface. We constantly ran tests and used any feedback we received to improve the usability of the software for an entire year, resulting in a product that has a learning curve of less than 5 minutes. 

Need a face scanner?

ObiScanner is  a new generation face scanner, specifically designed for Digital Dentists looking for a way to acquire a 3D model of the patient’s face in a very short time and without a specific training, while being able to manage all patient 2D and 3D data in a unique software. 

Holograms and
Augmented Reality applications

HoloDentist improves the doctor-patient communication by making the explanation of the treatment plan simple and effective.
The ability to show in Mixed Reality real 3D data in a real 3D environment allows the patient to really understand the before/after process of the treatment, as well as allowing him/her to preview what the outcome of the treatment will be on his/her own virtual representation

Two or more team members can discuss the case by viewing and interacting with the patient’s 3D data in a simple and effective way.

3D data acquired with CBCTs, intra-oral, face and desktop scanners or generated by CAD software (.stl, .ply, .obj files) is compatible with HoloDentist.

Remote communication is possible thanks to an integrated audio/video system.

HoloDentist replaces the need to send lots of emails containing 3D files revisions to the lab.

Thanks to Augmented Reality it is possibile to precisely indicate a point on the models thanks to the hand recognition capability of the HoloDentist system.


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