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Taking advantage of the latest technologies, HoloDentist allows doctors and professionals to recreate the Virtual Patient by combining all the 3D data in a fully 3D environment. Using holograms and Mixed Reality, doctors can display, manipulate, share files locally or remotely and make real-time videocalls, in a fast, realistic and simple way.

With voice commands, gesture recognition and holographic projection, using HoloDentist and Augmented Reality is easy. The operator can handle tools while projecting on a virtual layer the patient’s 3D information, such as CBCTs, intra-oral scans, face scans, implants, bones, etc.

The ability to show real 3D data in a real 3D environment allows the patient to really understand the before/after of the treatment.



Possibility to display real cases to trainees both in the same location and remotely.

Smooth real-time communication for prepping, smile design and much more, via Augmented video call with Holograms.

HoloDentist and Mixed Reality enhance different Dentistry branches: Fixed & Removable Prosthodontics/Orthodontics, Radiology & Oral Pathology, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Periodontal Surgery