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With HoloDentist​

doctors and professionals can take the first step to the new generation of dentistry thanks to Augmented Reality.

User Journey

ObiScanner software sketch
QrRcode generated by ObiScanner software
Patient face 3D model sketch
Doctor scans the QR code using HoloLens
Patient face 3D model sketch
Patient connects using Nreal or HoloLens glasses
Patient face and tooth sketch
3D models visualization and interaction


hololens 2 device, compatible with holodentist


  • Patient clinical case archive organized in folders
  • New clearer way of treatment plan explanation
  • Visualize the 3D model in Augmented Reality and interact with it
  • Immersive training and for pre-surgery preparation
nreal glasses, compatible with holodentist


  • 3D real model observation thanks to Augmented Reality
  • Interaction with the 3D model


Improves communication and patients' satisfaction

Greater acceptance and understanding of the before/after

Improves the doctor's reputation

Time saving and fast learning curve

Why the Virtual Patient

Get an easy, smart and affordable method to combine different file formats, obtained from different digital devices.

The introduction in Dentistry of a whole range of acquisition devices (CBCT or Cone Beam Computed Tomography, intraoral scanners, and face scanners), planning software (CAD/CAM and guided implant surgery software), new aesthetic materials and powerful fabrication machines (milling machines and 3D printers) is radically changing the dental profession. As a result, clinical practices are shifting to full virtual-based workflows, by the new discipline of Digital Dentistry.

HoloDentist allows doctors and professionals to recreate the Virtual Patient by combining all the 3D data in a fully 3D environment using holograms and Augmented Reality devices such as HoloLens 2 and Nreal Light.

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